Marvel Avengers Thor – 1/6 Scale – 32cm – Available On Pre-Order

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Stepping inside the Contest of Champions’ arena, Thor had prepared himself to fight in order to return to Asgard. While the audience continued cheering, Grandmaster introduced Thor as the Lord of Thunder. Thor put on helmet and got ready for his fight against the champion. However, to Thor’s complete surprise, when the champion emerged, it was revealed to be Hulk!

This Display statue is very good quality and very similar to the actor. It is a pure 1/6 Scale and made by Crazy Toys with a measurement of 32cm.

Some memorable quotes:
Thor: He gave you his eye?
Rocket: No, he gave me 100 credits. I snuck in his room later that night and stole his eye.
Thor: Thank you, sweet rabbit.
Rocket: Oh, I would’ve washed that. The only way I could sneak it off is up my… hey we’re here.

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